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Azul is the world’s only company that focuses solely on Java and the JVM, with the largest Java engineering team only second to Oracle. Azul boasts the best Java support in the industry that offers the most trusted open Source Java platform, delivered by the world’s most expert Java engineering team that is used by 27% of the Fortune 100 companies. Azul promises a friendlier approach to Java with straightforward & flexible licensing, drop-in replacement with Oracle Java, adhering to the highest security standards, and being cost-effective. 

Platform Core

The world’s best-supported builds of OpenJDK. Azul Platform Core is designed for the enterprise, with the certified builds, tight security, and cost efficiencies you need to run today’s business-critical, Java-based services. Azul Platform Core delivers stabilized builds backed by an industry-leading support SLA, providing quarterly security-only updates for assured rapid deployment into production. Azul Platform Core is a one-to-one replacement for Oracle Java SE at dramatically lower costs—delivering the most architectures, package types, and configuration options available.

Platform Prime

Blazing-fast performance that delivers incredible value. A truly superior Java platform that can cut your infrastructure costs in half. Azul Platform Prime turbocharges the performance and scalability of your Java ecosystem with a hyper-optimized runtime that maximizes performance while driving down infrastructure costs. Get more transactions from the same hardware and accelerate Java performance, even as loads increase. Slash capital expenses for servers by as much as 50%, cut operating expenses for cloud services (with no over-provisioning), and drive continuous value. Maintain consistent response times, reduce system stalls, and provide better services—all with less infrastructure.

ICE Value Add

As a Gold Partner in the GCC Region ICE offers product consultation for Azul Core & Azul Prime.

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