Securin - (ASM) Attack Surface Management


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Securin - (ASM) Attack Surface Management

Securin ASM discovers all your Internet assets and prioritizes your exposures enabling faster remediation. Securin helps organizations to discover attack surfaces and manage their exposure by continuously detecting, prioritizing, and mitigating exposures on their attack surface. Securin platform provides organizations with continuous visibility of all assets and exposures and through contextual threat data it prioritizes critical exposures that need to be fixed immediately.

Use Cases for ASM

Continuous Attack Surface Discovery

Gain visibility about known and unknown assets used within your digital environment.

Exposure Prioritization

Prioritize exposures through threat context and asset criticality and mitigate the most dangerous gaps in your security.

Intelligent Patching and Orchestration

Stop patching irrelevant vulnerabilities and know what to fix before an attacker strikes.

Reduce Mean-time-to-exposure (MToE)

Fix critical exposures and reduce your attack window by monitoring mean-time-to-exposure

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