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Perpetuuiti offers two comprehensive platforms that deliver leading-edge automation solutions for modernizing resiliency management and turbocharging the performance of your applications, IT and business operations at speed and scale to drive exponential efficiencies. Perpetuuiti provides solutions that are simple to install and run, flexible enough to fit into any environment, and always reliable. The products are modular and can be integrated with one another enabling Seamless, Resilient, and Intelligent business operations.

Perpetuuiti has pioneered innovative products that have been well accepted and trusted by customers and a partner ecosystem comprising Fortune 500 global organizations from a diverse set of industry verticals like banking, insurance, telecom, government organizations, high-tech, BPM and service providers.

PERPETUUITI Product Portfolio

Continuity Patrol

Community Vault

Av3ar - The Ai Platform

Continuity Patrol

Continuity Patrol enables Real-Time Enterprise Visibility for Intelligent Business Service Availability Management, Orchestration and Automation. The solution is an intelligent, agentless, script-less and automated end-to-end Business Service Availability Management Suite which enables real-time enterprise visibility to CXOs into the financial impact of an IT disruption (that causes unaccounted revenue leakage) and its cascading impact on other dependent business processes with detailed reports.

  • Business Service Availability

  • BIA and Real-time FIA

  • Auto Discovery of Application IT Infrastructure

  • Auto Discovery of Application interdependency mapping.

  • Virtualization & Network Automation

  • Application-aware layer

Community Vault

Community Vault is an intelligent, end-to-end automated approach to Business Continuity Planning and Management (BCMP). Unified dashboard with BCM execution on a single-click Graphical representation of Financial Impact – RTO and MTR data Graphical representation of operation impact – RTO and MTR details The Continuity Vault (CV) system enables in the creation of effective and intelligent business continuity plan with well-defined policies and procedures and comprehensive information. CV maintains information history, user access details, and updates with reference to past documents. These documents can be referred to in case of an emergency.

  • Business Impact Analysis:

  • Risk Assessment:

  • BC Strategy/ Plan Development, Maintenance & Approval:

  • Plan Exercising, Testing & Notification:

  • Incident/ Crisis Management:

  • Performance Evaluation / Continual Improvement:

Av3ar - The Ai Platform

Av3ar is Perpetuuiti’s next-generation Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing, and Machine Learning Platform combined with RPA, delivering end-to-end interactive solutions that dramatically improve your enterprise’s operational efficiencies. Av3ar senses predicts, analyzes & decides approaches to resolve issues Deep Learning Technology – Av3ar identifies & resolves problems based on real-life experience Chat/Email/Voice-enabled commands can be used as input mechanisms Learns Endlessly from Multiple Sources of Information including User Actions, Internet, Knowledge base, Feeds from related systems Can be trained to handle Multiple Languages Av3ar is your “iNTELLIGENt Digital Workforce” who can absorb, deconstruct and use information as a human would resolve problems.

Av3ar uses Cognitive Framework along with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to sense learn, adapt to the customer environment, and quickly take over the daily operations to start serving customers by itself.

ICE Value Add

As a distributor for Perpetuuiti in the MENA region, ICE offers great value to implementation partners in terms of consultative support & solution value demonstration

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